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Montfrisa expands its fleet of vehicles with 4 tractors and 10 semi-trailers

Montfrisa has acquired 4 units of Mercedes Benz Actros 1863, one of the most advanced trucks with the highest capacity in the transport market.

These impressive vehicles have technical and design characteristics that make them an unbeatable choice for any transport company. Powered by a 630hp V8 engine, these trucks are capable of carrying loads of up to 250 tonnes, making them an ideal choice for transporting goods over long distances. In addition, the Mercedes Benz Actros 1863 is equipped with a 12-speed transmission that provides smooth and efficient handling, ensuring a safe and comfortable drive for both driver and cargo. Another of the outstanding features of these trucks is their driving assistance system, which includes technologies such as adaptive cruise control, emergency braking assistant and lane keeping system. These tools help the driver to maintain a safe distance, avoiding collisions and guaranteeing maximum safety on the road. In addition, Mercedes Benz has paid special attention to convenience and comfort in the interior design.

These trucks are equipped with ergonomic seats, a spacious cab and air suspension, ensuring a comfortable driving experience even on the longest journeys.

Montfrisa's investment in these 4 impressive trucks is a clear indicator of its commitment to efficiency and sustainability in freight transport. The Mercedes Benz Actros 1863 not only offer exceptional performance, but also have state-of-the-art engines that comply with strict European emission regulations, thus contributing to the reduction of pollution.

In addition, it has invested in the acquisition of three LECITRAILER LTF-LT FRG-LT semi-trailers and six SCHMITZ SKO 24/L 13.4 FP COOL V7 semi-trailers. With the acquisition of these trucks and semi-trailers, Montfrisa expands its fleet with state-of-the-art vehicles and consolidates itself as a benchmark in the use of innovative and sustainable technologies, delivering loads efficiently and safely.


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