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Our mission

Consolidate ourselves as the number 1 distributor in Spain of frozen food products, with our brand of recognized prestige as a logistics operator, with the most agile and reliable network to guarantee a high level of service.

Our values

Customer orientation

We put all our logistical and human resources with the aim of achieving excellence in our service. We are at your disposal 24 hours a day through a specialized interlocutor depending on the query.

Quality in the service

Our team is trained and oriented to offer the best quality in the execution of all our activities. Knowledge of the sector and permanent investment in new technologies make the integration of our processes with those of the client one of our keys to success.


We take advantage of the skills, abilities and experience of our employees, suppliers and customers, with a clear focus on cooperation, both in solving problems and in implementing projects.

Transparency and trust

To guarantee total transparency with our clients, we provide them with the best service. To do this, we offer absolute control of the different phases of the process, management effectiveness, agility and all the information requested about the status of any phase.

Our Certifications

logo IFS Logistica



Montfrisa has obtained the international quality certification IFS Logistics (International Featured Standards Logistics). A certification whose ultimate goal is to comply with the highest safety, quality and legal standards in its facilities and all the merchandise it stores and transports. 

Logo Buerau Veritas ISO 9001

ISO 9001


We demand the best quality. For this reason, our management service is endorsed by the certification issued by Bureau Veritas as a logistics operator of food products under controlled temperature according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Operador Económico Autorizado



Montfrisa has the Authorized Economic Operator Certificate (OEA) whose accreditation and certification is granted by the Tax Agency after an audit process of our organization, processes, administration and financial statements, and compliance with a series of security standards.

EU Organic Logo



Our warehouse located in Algemesí, Valencia, has obtained the Organic Agriculture Certificate of the Valencian Community (CAECV) which certifies that we can store organic products in these facilities, as has our warehouse located in Getafe, Madrid, with the Organic Agriculture Certificate of the Community of Madrid (CAEM).


Our history

Montfrisa was founded in 1919 in Lugo (Galicia). Its original name was "Montaña" because, in its beginnings, it was dedicated to the transport of passengers and merchandise between the valleys and mountains of Galicia.

Over the years, the company grew, reaching the point of having correspondents in the main cities of Spain and in 1962 it took its first steps in the frozen sector with Pescanova, a company that was beginning to freeze its high seas catches. Montfrisa acquired its first 18 refrigerated vehicles to distribute frozen fish from the port of Vigo to the main fish consumption points in Spain.

From the 70s to the 90s the company's evolution was constant, reaching a fleet of more than 100 refrigerated vehicles which made routes both nationally and internationally.

Camión Monfrisa 1919
Camión 4

Turn of the century

With the disappearance of borders in Europe, the complexity and legal requirements for international transport gave way to free trade in goods between member countries. Therefore, it was time to find a new added value to the distribution chain and evolve. The company decided to create a distribution network with refrigerated warehouses and offices located in strategic areas of Spain to meet two objectives: to provide optimal service to any point on the Iberian Peninsula and to be able to distribute from a few boxes to stores and restaurants, up to large quantities. from pallets to supermarkets and distributors.

This ambitious project was formulated in the year 2000 but it took 2 years for its implementation to be possible. In 2002, the Getafe Logistics Center (Madrid) was inaugurated, the nerve center of our distribution network in continuous evolution and adaptation to the market.

The present

We currently have a storage capacity of more than 58,600 pallets in Madrid, Barcelona, Vigo, Bilbao, Seville and Valencia. With 28 collaborators in the Iberian Peninsula, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands, as well as in Portugal and France. Our fleet of vehicles is always in top condition as it covers more than 200 million kilometers per year.

The engine for everything to go perfectly is our highly professional team, with extensive experience and proactivity. Thanks to them we give an excellent service. And since we demand the highest quality, our management service is endorsed by ISO9001:2015, certified by Bureau Veritas since 2003, and by the IFS Logistics certificate.

Nave de Valencia

Our history in pictures

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