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Almacén Montfrisa

Customs Warehouse

Our customs warehouse is intended for the custody, temporarily, of merchandise that must be administered by the customs authorities, therefore, they allow merchandise to be stored without paying customs duties or taxes related to importation until the merchandise is removal from the storage point. ​


Its permanence in the warehouse is usually unlimited, except in some specific cases in which the authorities can set a period within which the merchandise must be given a new destination. ​

This figure is constituted as a beneficial instrument for those importing companies that operate in international markets as intermediaries and that want to have a stock in Spain to be closer to their customers. ​

We currently have a customs warehouse at our offices in Valencia and Pontevedra.

Almacén Montfrisa

Certificate of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

Montfrisa has the Authorized Economic Operator Certificate (OEA) whose accreditation and certification is granted by the Tax Agency after an audit process of our organization, processes, administration and financial statements, and compliance with a series of security standards. Said compliance gives us recognition as a safe and trustworthy company both for our clients and for the customs authority.

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