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Montfrisa has once again obtained the IFS Logistic quality certificate, demonstrating its commitment to the safety, legality and quality of the food products it stores and transports, obtaining the maximum "Higher Level" score.

The achievement of this certification represents for us the recognition of our commitment to offer our clients a Logistics service based on the requirements of food safety and quality that allows us to identify Montfrisa as a trustworthy and guarantee brand. In addition, by obtaining it, we improve performance and competitiveness, because it represents an added value in the service with respect to other transport companies in the same sector. The IFS Logistic Standard is an internationally recognized certification that establishes a common application standard with a uniform evaluation system for the entire food industry. It has been developed for storage, distribution and transportation, as well as for loading and unloading activities in environments where food or non-food products are worked.

2022-2023 IFS LOGISTIC Madrid
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