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Almacen de Valencia Camión


Our distribution network carries out daily transport in national territory, moving more than 400,000 Tons/year including Portugal, Andorra and the rest of the European Union. Our network of own delegations and correspondents ensures a fast and efficient service anywhere on the peninsula and islands.

Our national distribution fleet, in constant renewal and expansion, is equipped with the latest technology. This contributes to guaranteeing a quality service and excellence for our clients.

Montfrisa adapts to the logistics strategy of each of our clients to optimize supply and delivery to their platforms or points of sale. We provide service for all types of short or long distance transport, both for daily transport and for the most complex logistics operations.

Our advanced fleet management and optimization in the entire transport process guarantee a quality service that makes Montfrisa an added value to your own company.

Availability of vehicles throughout the year (capacity of up to 22,000 kg of payload).

In addition, we have 12 Megatrailers and a Duotrailer that cover the routes of Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia and Vigo daily, with a capacity for 53 European pallets.

Montfrisa currently has a fleet of vehicles equipped with the latest technology (GPS, GMS, thermographs, alarms, door opening control, etc.), whose average age does not exceed 4 years.

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Hair Distribution

This last-mile service, for the delivery of frozen products to any type of establishment or address, is available in the Community of Madrid and in the Province of Barcelona.

Our vehicles are equipped with storage devices at -18ºC and a monthly distribution capacity of 100,000 kg.

The basic characteristics are:


  • Tailor-made delivery service

It can be done with merchandise deposited in our warehouse or collected at the customer's facilities.


  • Optimization of delivery routes

This planning involves designing the delivery routes in advance, making it possible to avoid red points (with a large influx of traffic, closed streets, etc.) and, at the same time, covering the largest number of delivery points in a short time.


  • Cold chain guarantee

The preparation process at the Montfrisa facilities is carried out at -18ºC and all our delivery vehicles are refrigerated (FRC).

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