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Logistics Consulting

Gracias a nuestra amplia experiencia en la aplicación de soluciones logísticas a problemas operacionales complejos podemos ofrecer servicios de estudio, consultoría y asesoramiento en cualquier tipo de operación logística.

Analysis of the logistics process

In order to assess the potential for improvement of any logistics operation, we carry out a complete qualitative and quantitative analysis of it to then detail our conclusion and recommendations for its application in a report.

Implementation plan

Once the analysis is complete, and its recommendations and related costs are clear, we draw up an execution plan. This execution plan will include all the changes that should be carried out, such as the necessary communications that will be established between the client and the logistics operator, a detailed planning with the milestones, dates and critical routes that must be reached so that the project be successful.

Cost analysis

Once the feasibility of the process is confirmed and the necessary restructuring (if any) is specified, the next step is to establish the optimal cost that must be paid for the proposed change. ​


Within the framework of the general objectives of the project, the efficiencies and cost reductions to be achieved will be established.

Asesoría Logística
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