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Almacén y máquina

Warehose and Picking

Stock control

We work exclusively with radio frequency from the moment the merchandise arrives at the unloading dock. If the merchandise is not identified with a barcode, we will generate one for its control and monitoring. ​


Our Warehouse Management System tells us where the merchandise should be stored, when and how to prepare the orders for transport and their subsequent delivery at the destination point.


This information is in accordance with the daily instructions of the client and the programming that we carry out together at the beginning of the service. This gives us full, real-time control of every box and pallet, plus the ability to track any lot number or merchandise from the moment it enters the cold room until it leaves.


Our Warehouse Management System allows us to provide our clients, at any time of the day, updated information on the actions carried out and confirmation of the movement of merchandise in the last 24 hours. ​


This information can be transferred by any means requested, such as: EDI, FTP, text files or email. These communications are protected by strict security measures.

Storage capacity

Our warehouses have the latest technology and are among the most modern in Spain, with a storage capacity of 59,280 pallets at -25ºC (Barcelona: 7,725, Madrid: 23,565, Pontevedra: 1,250, Valencia: 26,740) and a total of 2,975 spaces for picking references. We have an area of ​​more than 190,000m3 under controlled temperature.


Our picking service or order preparation activity consists of the collection and combination of non-unit loads to make up a customer's order. Our picking service is carried out at a negative temperature (-18ºC) in order not to lose the cold chain of the product. ​

The selection of merchandise of the merchandise is carried out in a computerized way, it is prioritized based on FEFO according to its rotation criteria or according to the client's indications. ​

This activity is carried out by a specialized operator, who visits the locations intended for picking, in which there are pallets from which he collects the units and consolidates them on a pallet for subsequent distribution.

Container Unloading

The loading and unloading of commercial containers is common in the transport of goods and for this reason we have the best means and the best qualified professionals for this process. ​

During unloading, one of our inspectors will be present to ensure that your products are handled with the due care and attention with which they were loaded. ​

Upon arrival, our inspectors will monitor: ​

  • The quality and conditions of its products.

  • Adherence to procedures for the correct handling of products during unloading.

  • The precision and accuracy of all documentation.

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