Our Company and its history

Our Company and its history

Montfrisa was founded way back in 1919 in Lugo, in the Northwest of Spain where it started out bringing passengers and goods to the local fairs. Its original name was “Empresa Montaña”, the Mountain Company, because it traveled from valley to valley over the mountains.

Gradually the company grew to have branch offices in all the major cities in Spain and then in 1962 it started taking baby steps in the frozen goods market (such as it was back then). Together with another growing company, Pescanova, who also had a vision of how the frozen food market could be developed and started freezing their fish catches on the high sea, they embarked on a venture and bought the first 18 vehicle capable of transporting the frozen fish from the Port of Vigo to the main consumer cities in Spain.

From the 70’s to the 90’s the company continued to grow and it managed a fleet of over a 100 temperature controlled vehicles and worked on national and international routes. But with the disappearing borders in Europe, the complexity and legal requirements of international haulage no longer existed so we looked to other activities were we could find ways of adding value to the distribution chain and not be just another boring link. Our logical conclusion was to evolve by creating a distribution network throughout Spain with strategically located warehouses and branch offices. From these platforms we could distribute from just a few boxes to shops and restaurants to any amount of pallets for supermarkets and distributors, always in a temperature controlled environment.

Once the plan was formulated in the year 2000 it took us just two years to implement. In 2002 the wheels of our distribution network where set in moment with a huge Logistics Centre in Getafe as its hub and it has worked as a well-oiled machine very since.  

We now have a storage capacity of over 36.350 pallets in Madrid, Barcelona, Vigo, Bilbao, Seville and Valencia with 28 collaborators in mainland Spain, the Balearic and Canary Islands as well as Portugal and France. Our dedicated fleet of own and contracted vehicles covers over 200 million kilometers a year so has to be kept in top condition. 

Of course the heart of the machine is the team behind it all, experienced, highly professional and very proactive, they know what the word service actually means. And just so you don’t take our word for it we have be certified by Bureau Veritas since 2003 to ISO9001:2015 standard in quality management.